Blender exporter.


11-05-2009 18:13:33

Hi there!

I have blender 2.49 rc2 (2.48.4) , recently downloaded the exporter from here :

I'm using linux, copied the exporter contents into ".blender/scripts/" folder, then i got run blender and it detected the script correctly, this script is now in the scripts exporter list.

But when i try to export a mesh, the scripts tells me :

But i have python 2.6.2 installed, it comes with ubuntu 9.04 distribution ... what could be the problem?,
Note : I have installed 2.6.2 and 2.5.4 but default is 2.6.2

Thank you.


11-05-2009 18:20:42


2.49 RC 2 has a bug,

Exporter ran correctly in RC 1..


11-05-2009 19:03:31

How can i use ogrexmlconverter in linux ?