conflicting build instructions...


18-04-2006 02:08:13

I'm trying to build pyOgre for the recently (this morning) released !.2.0RC2.

Now, there's conflicting build instructions. The building.txt file (from cvs ogreaddons/pyogre/building.txt) has incredibly complicated and (outdated?) build instructions, the wiki says to do something completely different. The Wiki references .i and .sln files which aren't on the CVS repository (why?).

I'm very confused as to what the proper building process is supposed to be. I'm not exactly a newb, I've properly built OgreDotNet for this release, which is also a swig-based wrapper around Ogre.

Anyone who's built pyogre for 1.2, please inform me what the proper procedure is, or point me to the right link. The Wiki is outdated, or incomplete, or I'm missing something obvious =/.

EDIT: I'm using VC++ Express 2005, btw.


18-04-2006 10:18:48


I didn't compiled PyOgre myself, but this one of my next tasks since I want to activate some functionality that isn't wrapped so far.
There are two different PyOgre 'versions',
- one from the ogreaddons, available via CVS from SourceForge and using boost/pyste wrapper (since you say you got PyPgre via CVS I think you have this one)
- and one from BerliOS available via SVN using swig wrapper (.i files).

I think the BerliOS version is more up-to-date and the one the wiki talks about. Here is the link:

Feedback on success would be appreciated, since I will use either VC Toolkit 2003 or, more likely, VC Express 2005 too.


20-04-2006 00:55:16

The build process is a pain in the ass requiring tweaking include dirs and such, but I found that the Wiki is mostly correct.

Unless you plan on updating some more swig bindings yourself, you should be able to download the binaries that I built for RC1 and use the DLLs from the RC2 SDK.

Anyway, here's my stuff:


21-04-2006 03:31:45

Thanks pkdawson. That works for the core pyOgre stuff, but all the demos using CEGUI fail to load. Does CEGUI work for you?


21-04-2006 08:08:32

You should be using the stable release of pyOgre 1.0.6 (Ogre 1.0.6). Only use the updates for the RC1 build only if your planning on contributing on updating the swig bindings yourself.

From RC1 to RC2 at least 6 changes were required to be able to compile and run. I've made some updates to CEGUI to resolve the subscribe events str issue, nothing that should stop the CEGUI demos running.

The only issues that I can think of are:

1. Your using the Ogre's Cegui media files, you should replace Media/gui with pyOgre's mdeia/gui

2. The subscribe event string, wrap your event's contol state names in strings:

3. The new method of creating the cegui renderer:
self.guiRenderer = cegui.OgreCEGUIRenderer(self.renderWindow,ogre.RENDER_QUEUE_OVERLAY, False, self.sceneManager)
#self.guiRenderer = cegui.OgreCEGUIRenderer(self.renderWindow)

4. For the facial animation demo you'll need the facial.layout from the patch on berlios:

I'll update the CEGUI changes tomorrow in a seperate patch.