Python-ogre help needed.


22-05-2009 21:06:02

Hello, i could use some help. I got basic programming understanding, and just got python26, since i never came far in C++, i like python, and i just got VIDLE for Vpython. But i now see ogre3d has python-ogre. But my problem is i can't set it up, so i can begin learn. i have these programs.

VIDLE for Vpython.

Please tell me if i have the right programs to use python-ogre. and maybe some nice beginners tutorials :)
MSN/Mail :
Or reply here.
I hope you can help.


25-05-2009 06:46:12

That should cover the beginnings of a program.

I used to use pygame, I dropped it as it doesn't seem to support Ogre on OS X (Can't get a window handle).

You should start by looking through the demos, they should be somewhere like C:\PythonOgre\demos\ogre

That and the regular Ogre documentation should help you get started. Note that you should continue to work on C++, at least to the point where you can read it. It will be useful in working with OGRE. You may not need to write C++, but you will probably want to translate it.