Runnung PagedGeometry with python-ogre


23-05-2009 14:19:33


I want to set up a huge scene with "infinte" terrain. As i read through the forum i everytime read sth about PagedGeometry, when i downloaded it i recognized it's written in C++. I don't know how to setup and use it in python-ogre. I couldn't find any help by searching the ogre forum.

Can anybody help me?



23-05-2009 14:26:13

Dont worry!

Its already in Python-ogre - check out the forests demos, they use PagedGeometry.

However, that is just for the trees and grass, to do an infinite terrain, you will need some sort of landscape engine as well which you may have to write yourself at this stage.


23-05-2009 15:40:55

but they are using a older version, don't they?

maybe infinite is too much^^ I'd like to make e flightsimulation and at the moment I'm tryin to set up a huge terrain, but i dont know really how to do this.