Game Level ??


31-05-2009 07:22:17

Hi everybody

Sorry about my noob question but i've a some questions about put my game level in Python Ogre.
I MUST got a "terrain.cfg" or a "quake3.cfg" or i can sceneManager.setWorldGeometry with a entity? How to make my gameLevel a worldFragment?

Sorry about this dummy question, but is important for me
Thanx for help



02-06-2009 09:15:33

terrain.cfg and quake3.cfg would refer to terrain and bsp levels respectively. You can create a terrain with a heightmap, or use quake level editors ( like q3radiant ) to create BSP's. Thats the only way I know of to create these types of levels.

Alternatively you can use something like blender, along with the dot scene exporter to create more arbitrary level geometry. AFAIK you cannot turn an entity into a worldfragment, but you could make you level entities into staticGeometry objects which will make them render faster ( so long as they don't move ). You can also use LOD on your level geometry, which is essentially what worldFragments do anyway.


02-06-2009 18:04:23


Thanx for reply.
No ... i don't wanna create outdoor scenes, but only indoor scene who's not bsp level. I did'nt hear about dot scene ... i'll search about it in ogre. Normally my pipeline is blender>>ogreMesh ... but and levels, i think with myself?
But it's all right. I'll search about dot scene.

Thanx again