RakNet Support and OS X binaries


09-06-2009 00:52:56

Hello ;)

I'm a fairly new user and first of all I'd like to commend you for a great job on Python Ogre! I hate C++ to death, so i really enjoyed the alternative of coding games in another language even if i had to learn it first.

Now that I'm starting to code my games' architecture (it's going in record time, python does rock! :mrgreen: ), a new question has risen - is there support for RakNet? And if there's not, could you estimate if it'd be too hard to code a wrapper?

Another thing that has made me a little sad is the lack of OSX binary. I have searched your mailing lists and these forums, tried to follow the wiki tutorials but i was unable to run PythonOgre on my Macs and gave up. Are there any plans for a binary or at least more streamlined tutorials in the near future?



09-06-2009 06:46:43

Raknet support is in the current Windows release... OSX Binaries are on the to do list but are not something that I know much about :(

While building on OSX (from source) has improved greatly there are some quirks with packing on the Mac (to do with library locations etc) which makes it unclear as to how to package the binaries -- probably just need to do some more reading, however haven't had the time.....