Incomplete pictures!


23-06-2009 07:05:32

I have a windowed application written with python-ogre. It's running under linux and on opengl rendering system.
This application's function relies heavily on rendering to another texture and then saving that texture to file/video.

But when the application's main render window is covered by another window, the rendered textures become incomplete. I suspect this is caused by the renderToTexture shares part of the hardware pixel buffer with the main render window. This is actually happening to the python-ogre demo, too. If you cover the main render window with some other window, the rttx will be 'eaten'. (and thus show now reflection in that area)

On the picture you can even see the rounded edge of the overlapping windows.

I would like to find a solution so my RTTx(render to texture) is rendered properly regardless of whether the main render window is covered or minimized.