Python 3.0


08-07-2009 15:22:46

Hey guys,

Last message about python 3.0 was a while ago. Are there any news about python 3.0 support in the future for Python-Ogre ?

What kind of work would be required to run in python 3.0 ?

Thanks a lot!


12-07-2009 11:00:34

Haven't yet looked at this -- current priority is Ogre 1.7 (the development SVN) and enhancing a couple of modules. However as Python 3.1 is now out it will be next on the list..



31-08-2009 23:48:03

I'm also interested in this.

It doesn't seem like a good idea to use old Python in a completely new project, a project which I am planning at the moment.


02-09-2009 19:48:15

Converting your project from python 2.6 to python 3 shouldn't take too long :) you don't have to wait !