Advantages and disadvantages of Python-Ogre?


10-07-2009 14:09:00


I've been thinking about using Python-Ogre for a game project that is still quite embryonic. We only have paper ideas so far, no code has been started. Since I have some experience with Ogre and I think it is a wonderful project, I have decided on using it as my rendering engine.

My question is : what are the main advantages and what are the main drawbacks to using Python-Ogre? I'd like to know what's ahead of me if I go in this direction :) I'm looking for arguments to convince my friend of using it at the same time, hehe.

I know that Python is a very easily understandable language and that is it quite faster to code in Python than in C++. Can the lower performance be an issue for running the game engine ? Also how complicated is it to run a C++ library from Python ?

Thanks in advance,


11-07-2009 02:26:06

The advantage is like you said: you get to use python which makes coding and debugging a heck of a lot faster (at least for me). The downside is that your game logic is going to be a fair bit slower then if you had written it in C++.
This would be a detriment depending on how large and complex your game is.

However I'd definitely recommend using python ogre to rapidly create proof of concepts and for learning the ogre engine.