calling getHeightAt on a TerrainSceneManager


11-07-2009 02:20:57

I've created a TerrainSceneManager for my sceneManager and I want to call the getHeightAt method. Am I missing something or is there no way to call this from python ogre?


12-07-2009 10:58:52

At the moment you are correct -- turns out that any scene manager that makes extensions to the base "interface" needs to be wrapped as a seperate module much like I did with the PagingLandscape (Forests) manager and the PCZ one. This is underway for octree and octreezone managers and the PLSM2 is in the SVN..

Will come in the next main release, along with the other fixes that have been requested -- however real life takes priority so there isn't a committed time frame yet..



12-07-2009 18:25:41

It's ok. I'm trying to use ray scene queries to figure out heights but unfortunately I've never had much luck on getting them to work with TerrainManager.