1.6.1 (python 2.6.2) Demos run but crash when I hit 'esc'


14-07-2009 01:42:04

Hey guys,

I just started playing for real with Python-Ogre, so probably you'll hear from me over the next few weeks :P

Sooo, I just installed Python-Ogre 1.6.1 over Python 2.6.2, everything seems to work fine except that when I run a demo and try to exit it using the escape button the application just hangs and I have to close it manually. IDLE also crashes with my application when I close it the Ogre application.

Did the same thing on another computer and it works tho. Any clues on what I could do to retrace the problem ? The ogre.log file doesn't show anything interesting (program stops writing to the file BEFORE the application hangs). Has anyone else experienced this ?



14-07-2009 01:49:10

OK, the problem comes from IDLE. When I run it directly from shell or command line it doesn't happen.

Any ideas why this happens ?



14-07-2009 14:44:24

Hello, welcome to python-ogre!

Yes, its a problem with IDLE rather than PO unfortunately. A way round it is to use another IDE, personally I prefer Stani Python editor but there are loads of alternatives. Eclipse is another good one. I know the ESC bug doesn't occur with Stani though, so give that a try ( you also get code-completion with that which helps a lot )


15-07-2009 07:05:38

IDLE doesn't start a separate process for the program to run in which seems to cause all sorts of problems with Ogre and Pygame as well. Get yourself a real IDE like Wingware's which has a free edition or Stani's.


15-07-2009 14:14:43

awesome thanks for IDE suggestions, I'll give Stani a try, never heard of that one :)