Newton GD version


16-07-2009 19:35:37

Hello everybody!

I'm new to OgreNewt but I've already worked with Newton game dynamics.
I'm doing a PhD in Robotics, and I'm thinking in coding a simulator based on OgreNewt - python. I was just wondering what version of Newton GD is being used for this wrapper. Is it the new Newton2.00, or is it still the old 1.53?

I've tried to discover by investigating in the foruns, but nothing of what I red answered my doubt so, if someone could help me I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


17-07-2009 01:14:37

it's 1.53....



18-07-2009 01:15:17


Any Idea about when or if the code will be upgraded to the most recent Newton version?



21-07-2009 03:25:54

This really depends on the OgreNewt Guys...
Judging from this thread, I hope it could be included in the next python-ogre release.


16-10-2009 19:52:40

Any idea when this update will happen, at least on SVN? The version currently in use was last updated 01/01/06...

I'm halfway through a project using the current stable PythonOgre release, and would really like to have enough time to update to Newton 2, it has some slick features i'm itching to play with.

I really appreciate all the work you guys have done, it's an excellent project :D


18-10-2009 12:49:07

Initial release of Newton 2 is now in the SVN and the latest binary (currently being uploaded to sourceforge )....

It hasn't been tested at all as there isn't a demo written -- happy for someone to write one :)



18-10-2009 23:23:20

I happen to be working with both Newton and QuickGUI, which i believe also needs a demo update. I'll see what I can put together :)