svn rev 987


21-07-2009 03:27:47

So, I get an error on Mac (and I guess linux, since somebody else posed about this on a linux box) when I try to use this revision in svn.

It's at line 711 and appears to be a result of commenting out lines 606 to 615

# # # If we are not given a LIB_Boost, use the version we are building.
# # if Config.LIB_Boost is None:
# # import subprocess
# # gccp = subprocess.Popen(["gcc", "--version"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
# # import re
# # gcc_version ='([0-9]+?\.[0-9]+?\.[0-9]+?)', gccp.communicate()[0]).groups()[0].split('.')
# #
# # lib = "boost_python-gcc%s%s-mt" % (gcc_version[0], gcc_version[1])
# # else:
# # lib = Config.LIB_Boost

I was wondering if there was a reason this had been commented out, or if this could be re-enabled safely on mac and linux to allow us to compile.

Or should I just roll back to rev 986, since there doesn't seem to be stable tars available, I'm using SVN if I'm wrong, and there are stable targets please let me know.

[edit]Also, is there a better way to submit this kind of bug?[/edit]

Thank You


22-07-2009 07:26:59

I'll fix this in the svn -- the 'right' way to report this is either via this forum or to open a ticket in the source forge tracker..