What files make Orge into Python Ogre?


26-07-2009 12:23:18


I am trying to understand what the difference is between installing for C++ and installing for Python.

I have already installed for C++ and I see that Python script uses all the same libraries.

Are they the same? Is Ogre.framework the same? Does the xcodebuild command in the python script do the same thing as when entered in UNIX terminal?

If they are not the same how can I program in C++ and in Python when they have the same file names in the same place?

Where exactly are the python files?



26-07-2009 23:08:53

Are you wondering where the python files are in the svn for python ogre?

I'm no expert but my understanding of it is there is a program called boost that andy has written scripts for. Boost takes these scripts and generates a bunch of .pyd files, and these .pyd files expose the OgreMain.dll C++ functions to python. They are then installed in your Python26/Lib/site-packages folder, where you can then get access to them by the "import ogre.renderer.Ogre" statement.