How do YOU use Python-Ogre?


28-07-2009 15:56:44

Most IDE's auto completion is not reliable. The debugging sucks, the IDEs (Wing, Komodo, Eclipse!) are laggy and buggy.

How do you code/debug your python-ogre applications ? Because so far I haven't been amazed by the tools the Python community has to offer. I mean I could manage fine doing some small projects but I don't see myself coding a big game using it.


01-08-2009 06:52:15

How do you code/debug your python-ogre applications ?

I've been happily using Eclipse/Pydev for some time now. Debugging works fine with it. Code completion is about as good as anything else out there. At work, most people are using Wing for our MMORPG. I tried it for a while before going back to Pydev. The unit test runner is pretty cool (though can be flaky), but otherwise, I prefer Pydev. If you want something more lightweight, there's scite.

In general, code completion is tough in Python because it's not statically typed. It's hard to determine if is an instance of the Baz class at a specific line in the code-- especially if you initialized it to None or whatnot.



02-08-2009 15:17:30

I use Wing Ide professional all the time and it's as good as any IDE in any other language. Auto-Completion is tough for python-ogre because almost all the code is in C++ extensions. The way I get around this in Wing is use assert(isInstance(myclass, instance)) on my most commonly used variables in code. The debugger for Wing is also better than any other IDE. I love being able to type in python code in the debug shell and play with variables to find out what the bug is and how to fix it.

Anyway if you want to use Wing I'd suggest either personal or professional edition (you probably only need personal). Don't use the free Wing 101, it's not all that great.