Showcase_01 SVN


11-08-2009 23:33:47

I've just done a new check out from the svn and am looking at a few more of the demos I hadn't seen before, does actually work for anyone else? I've got rid of all the missing function calls on vector3() and other errors so it now runs but still doesnt produce an output and then closes. Is there a new version that works properly around or is it still being converted from ogre?

Thanks in advance


12-08-2009 13:42:09


the showcase demo is very much a 'legacy' thing, unfortunately I've not had time to update it since Python-Ogre 1.2 so it definitely wont work with the current version until its updated ( tbh it wasn't all that good anyway! ).

If someone can spare the time to get it working with 1.6 that would be great, otherwise it should probably be removed from the svn as it must be increasing the size of a checkout somewhat


12-08-2009 20:25:16

Ahh okay that makes sense, i saw the screenshot and thought it looked nice though :). Just out of interest what did it actually perform? It seems to have a client server setup and animations with units on a caelum background?


13-08-2009 10:08:43

It was really just an attempt to combine all the various python-ogre libraries available at the time into one demo. Performance was pretty bad unfortunately as I wasn't a very good coder back then!

Maybe with the upcoming version 1.7 we should revisit a showcase project as a community thing, though it would probably be better to start from scratch rather than attempt to re-use anything from the original showcase, as a lot has changed now.


01-09-2009 13:26:18

I agree that we should start from scratch for a proper showcase, but I was curious what the old one looked like, so I went ahead and updated it for the current version for kicks. Not really sure what the proper procedure is for submitting patches, so here it is:

I also fixed the sound, but the original wav file appears to be missing from SVN. Looking through this thing, it looks like there were a bunch of other things that it supported that are just commented out now; I didn't fix those, I just wanted to get it running. And are the whales supposed to be flying? O_o


08-09-2009 12:13:18


yeah they are supposed to be flying :)

was going for a slightly surrealist theme ...