Is it really worthed?


17-08-2009 05:33:46

Guys I've been wondering about this for a long time. And I really need to know. Like so many others. I just saw the Hydrax demo and Maaaaaaaaaaaan!!!! It wass so beautiful!!!!! It was just soooooo outta this world!! I was simply so real. The water was.....ALIVE! The OGRE engine does have a lot of power I know that now but the FPS was 10. I may have low RAM or something. This is my config:-

256 - 32 MB RAM DDR2
2.93 Ghz clock speed
128 MB Video RAM.


17-08-2009 05:37:33

I was wondering what are my options if I end-up with super laggy gameplay? Can I use OGRE for C# AND OGRE for Python at the same time? I meant what are my options for optimizing code and all. Could you guys give me the ratio of the speeds of optimized python using Pyrex to standard Python? or any other thing that I could do to increase the FPS rate? And also what would be a good FPS for a game like GTA San Andreas? Is it in the 20-40s or the 70-80s?


17-08-2009 09:18:55

Hmm.. I think there may be something up with your setup, you might need to upgrade something. I get between 70-100 fps for the hydrax demo in python on my aging home system ( P3 2.8ghz HT - 1.5GB RAM - ATI HD1650 ). On my work computer I'm getting 200-300 fps for the same demo, and some others are in the region of 2000fps for simpler scenes.

You're probably a long way off from needing to optimize things yet, I would reccomend prototyping something first, seeing how it works then optimizing if needed. You've probably got quite a lot of work ahead before you need to start thinking seriously about optimization. One thing that I'm currently trying to build is a fast deferred rendering system in python-ogre, which i intend to publish if i can ever get it working. This should provide a nice framework for geometry independent rendering which is what a lot of AAA titles are using these days. It basically means that your draw calls are pretty much the same for every frame regardless of how many models are on screen at a time, allowing room to concentrate on optimizing things like AI / animation seperately.


17-08-2009 09:28:29

Like always your advice is a relief man. Thanks a lot for that. And also best of luck for that add-on that your mentioned. Is it geometry instancing? Well whenever you get it working do let me know man. And also by the way, do you know of any OGRE visual scene managers that exist? Something like a world editor. 200-300 FPS? I think that's great. I always knew my comp lacked a hell lot of RAM. I mean 224 MB? I guess it's the small amount of RAM then, that causes the bottleneck. Thanks a lot man.