Problem with delegates in MyGUI [SOLVED]


13-09-2009 22:27:02

How can i use delegates in MyGui bindings?
I need to do in python something like this:
mComboCommand->eventComboAccept = newDelegate(this, &Console::notifyComboAccept);

Andy please help me, or just say how i can make wraper for them and i'll make it and make svn patch for code generator.


15-09-2009 02:04:14

As you can no doubt see I didn't finish the mygui wrapper so any help you can do here would be appreciated... Also we may want to switch this conversation to the google mailing list as I tend to be on it more often :)

Have a look at the in the cegui and navi modules -- you can see the callback functions there..



15-09-2009 09:29:48

I'll finish mygui binding and will write you in google mailing list.