Data-mining with PythonOgre


18-09-2009 00:52:55

Hi, I'm using PythonOgre in to learn more about the ogre engine and also to make some simple tools for tracking and data-mining ogre assets.

My simple scenario that I am testing right now, is to find all the .mesh resources that have skeletons. In my script, it seems I can't peek into a mesh (i.e. mesh.hasSkeleton() on line 50). So I tried loading the mesh (line 48) but now I'm getting a crash...

So I'm stuck. Is is correct that I need to load the mesh before getting is properties or is there something else I need to do?

Here's my script:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


15-10-2009 10:18:53

Hi. The link u gave seems to be broken.


07-12-2009 05:52:53

You may want to try out "Programming Collective Intelligence" by Toby Segaran, all the code snippets are in Python ( ... 0596529325)
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