SSAO Compositor and Soft Shadows Python Demo


21-09-2009 19:53:20

I've just completed porting Nullsquared's excellent SSAO/Soft Shadows demo to Python.

The download contains two python files, and Demo_ssao uses the sample framework and the shadow texture debug viewport from the PSSM demo, and Demo_ssao_standalone is a direct, line for line c++ to python conversion of the original demo. To run it, just put the SSAO folder in your PythonOgre/demos folder.

It works fine with either OpenGL or Direct3D, but I noticed a pretty significant drop in framerate with OpenGL, which I suspect is compositor-related.

SSAO on:

SSAO off:

Download: (3,380KB)

Enjoy :)


23-09-2009 09:33:31

Very cool - I did the same thing myself but did not package it together nicely like you have ;)