Exposing C++ Ogre to Python


23-09-2009 22:26:05

Hy. C++ application uses embedded boost python to interact with C++ Ogre, i created build in console for py interpreter...
But now i have question.

Is possible to expose whole Ogre engine which runs in C++ to boost python with Python-Ogre, so i can run py scripts in python?

How is Python wrapped around Ogre in Python-Ogre(boost, sig, lowlevel,...)?


29-09-2009 09:02:17

Not sure about the question... Python-Ogre is built with boost python and exposes all of the Ogre library to python..

Could you give a bit more of an example about what you want to do..



01-10-2009 16:48:53

I have application written in C++ which uses Ogre engine. And i embedded to my application boost python to run python scripts at certain events or to load maps or...

I need to have whole Ogre engine exposed to python so i can interact with Ogre at certain events or console calls or...


05-10-2009 01:23:44

I'm curious about this too, from the opposite perspective. I have a fairly complete game engine written entirely in Python. Is it possible to write, say, a Python module in C++ that can talk with Ogre which works just like any other Python module (eg, subclassing Python classes, passing Vector3 objects between them, etc)?


06-10-2009 10:15:26

Yep thats possible. I have module written in C++(they are in application not in lib) that interact with game objects.