Converting to exe and other queries


01-10-2009 16:33:19

I'd posted this in the help section of the Ogre forums ( where spacegaier suggested this to be a more appropriate forum for the questions. So for ease of reference, I'm quoting:

My tryst with Ogre is currently in its infancy, or rather is still being conceived. I started from the manual and then went on to the tutorials on the wiki. Since python works out better for the scope of my current project, I started reading up on PyOgre, but have gotten myself confused.

Preliminary Reading:
1. Started with the wiki. Read something about using Py-ogre with py2exe here ... ctorySetup.
2. Read something about developing in Debug mode for Visual Studio and releasing in Release Mode.
3. Went on to Basic tutorial 1 which I understood, but then as an exercise I wanted to run the basic initial code as a .exe. I read about this in this thread ... xe#p159354 but didnt understand much.

1. Is this the correct way to convert the code to an exe:
Copy the code and dll's into a folder and double click on the code file.?
2. If the Visual Studio is only applicable to C++, what is the corresponding 'Debug Develop Release' analogy for PyOgre?
3. If Im using Ogre with Py2exe as described in the article on PyOgreDirectorySetup in the wiki, do I need to follow the procedure in the 1st question above?

Please pardon the ignorance. Thanks a lot :wink:


21-10-2009 15:29:33

Hi there,

I'm yet to try this out but ... stribution

Your second link doesn't work but the abreiv Py-ogre made it seem like you were talking about Py-ogre rather than python ogre? Python ogre is the version you will be using :).