Call for beta testers for our Python-Ogre project.


15-10-2009 01:39:38

Hi all,

We're currently building our next product, a ground breaking web application to dominate/charm the world with :P developed using python-ogre as the core engine. Our plan is to make iterative additions and improvements based on user feedbacks. A basic version is already released locally and being tested. We currently have 200 testers but we need more.
As testers you will be entitled to all the new features of our product when it's released and access to full catalog of exciting stuff.

Just come to and give us your email, we will contact you when the beta version is released. We garantee your email will be used strictly for beta testing purpose. Slots are limited so hurry up!

:lol: :lol: :lol:


15-10-2009 04:00:44

From my understanding, this is a developer's forum.
I did not see any code available upon your site.

From a strictly personal point of view, it's an interesting site, but there is no "about" informational page. Your post contains no information. Your signup for beta testing contains no information.

The copyright and responsibility for your voovees is unclear.
Good luck with your endeavour!



15-10-2009 06:28:39

Thanks for the feedback.