Getting Python-Ogre to work on OS X Snow Leopard


22-10-2009 08:37:55

I would like to get Python-Ogre working on Snow Leopard. I tried to use the and it broke immediately with:
ValueError: list.index(x): x not in list

Looks like this project needs some help. First I would like to make some modifications to the build script.

I would like to make changes like:
  1. Use curl instead of wget[/*:m]
  2. Use distutils to discover the python include and lib directories[/*:m]
  3. Update the download links[/*:m]
  4. Remove the --overwrite tar option[/*:m]
  5. Use Ogre-1.6.4 for the install instead of 1.6.1[/*:m]
  6. Update & cleanup the os x build instructions on the wiki[/*:m]
  7. Make the build work with the stock python2.6[/*:m]
  8. Build for the correct platform i386 or x86_64[/*:m][/list:u]

    Who would I coordinate with to make these modifications?



22-10-2009 08:47:59

I saw this minutes after my post, so I will post on the developers group instead. Thanks.
This forum tends to be used for discussions on using Python-Ogre, whereas development of the actual library is discussed on the Google group (see the main site for information) --- however if you have a question please post it in either place and someone will help :)