PyOgre SubPanel


26-10-2009 08:52:53

Hie all,

i am beginner to graphics and Python Ogre. My problem is to develop a frame which have two subpanels.
One panel will consist of 3D ogre renderable window and second panel consist of 2D text window.
Left panel will have some 3d scene rendering and parallely right panel will have some 2d text input
please help me , how to integrate these two in a single frame.

3d window will cover 3/4th size of window and 2d text window will cover 1/4th of window Vertically.

Please guide me how to start and refer me some links and examples for the similar kind of problem.

Thanks in advance !!!

Vinay K


28-10-2009 09:56:56

There are lots of ways to approach this - you need to be more specific.

One way to would be to refer to the wxOgre demo that comes with Python-Ogre - you can use the wxPython toolkit with an embedded Ogre window, and use a wxPython TextCtrl panel as your text input.

You could also use one of the many GUI libraries that come with PythonOgre ( CEGUI, QuickGUI, Hikari etc. ). This would mean your whole window would be contained in the Ogre application instead of the ogre window being contained in a wxPython window.

heres a couple of links to try:

Best thing to do would be to look closely at the demos that come with python-ogre.


30-10-2009 03:11:53

Thanks a lot !!!

I have also placed another query with title "WxPyogre keyboard events and set focus"

please help me in this regards..

Vinay K


17-11-2009 06:55:45

i have done it ...if anyone is interested on solution ...
most welcome/.....