Wxpyogre keyboard events and set focus


29-10-2009 09:29:21

Hie all,

My problem is to set Focus on specific panel based on keyboard input without using Mouse click event.

There is one frame which contains 3/4th window of ogre renderable window (3d window) and 1/4th window is for text chat.
In this text chat window we have one text control input which is to chat the different user.

My requirement is that Some keys like Arrow up,down,left,right is pressed then ogrewin should be on focus and when any letters are
pressed from keyboard then text ctrl panel should get focussed, without any mouse action.

Please guide and help me ,how to do this using Wx.python keys events or other way of solving .

Please let me know that my question is clear to you or not?


Vinay K