Py++ and embedding


29-10-2009 11:20:07

Hi, I'm developing a software (not related with Ogre) that uses Python as script language (embedding it) and I'm using Py++ for the automatic generation of the wrappers. It works perfectly and I'm even able to debug my embedded scripts at runtime (from within my application) with Winpdb 8)
I'd like to help people who asked in the past about this integration, but I don't have the time to write a complete tutorial or a wiki page (and moreover my English is not very good :))
I'm in contact with Roman Yakovenko (the author of Py++) and I gave him the sources of my plugin: I'd like to share them with this community too because maybe it could be interesting for someone.
Here is the link
There are lots of stuffs related to GIL and in particular the usage of multiple interpreters to allow a "semi-parallel" execution of python scripts (PyOgre doesn't make use of this feature simply because it doesn't need it).

Important: the sources don't compile as is because they depends on a few classes related to my project (it's not opensource yet), but I'm here to respond to any question :) and possibly share those related sources too...