Applying an OGRE patch?


05-11-2009 22:49:23

The project I am working on really needs this patch to be applied to ogre in order to run properly.

Could someone give me a rundown of how I can apply this patch? I'm using the 1.6.1 r940 updated version with python 2.5.4 currently, if that matters.

Or if for some reason I can't apply the patch myself, can I make a suggestion that the stable version of 1.6.4 get this patch applied? (It's supposed to be implemented by OGRE 1.8 in the core version, but I can't wait that long :lol:)



06-11-2009 14:02:39

Are you sure it's not already in 1.6.4?? Have you tried the latest Python-Ogre snapshot (built on Ogre 1.6.4)...

Otherwise you can wait for a 1.7 snapshot (perhaps in a couple of days) that is built of the current SVN trunk..

And if all that fails you can allways build from source yourself...




06-11-2009 17:09:21

I tried running 1.6.4 and unless there's something I missed it didn't appear to have the patch applied. I'll try installing it again and double-check.

From the sound of the thread it's not implemented in the Ogre Core yet (1.8 is specifically mentioned as the version where the patch will be built into the core), so unless the patch was applied for the 1.6.4 python-ogre build (which I believe you mentioned was unpatched), I don't think it would be in there.

What would I have to do to apply the patch myself? Obviously I need to get the ogre source and apply the patch, but then which files do I need to move where (and does anything need to be done to python-ogre itself to recognize these changes?). Is there maybe a wiki page somewhere (which I couldn't find) that describes the steps needed?

By the way, the note on the patch itself states:
Just to clarify for anyone else reading this, this patch is currently
intended for people on 1.6 to apply themselves if they want to, with the
functionality having already been committed to the current trunk (future
1.8 ).


06-11-2009 22:54:35

OK so this means it should be in the 1.7 Snapshot that I'll put out 'soon' (1.7 being the svn version that becomes 1.8 upon release)..

Otherwise check out the wiki instructions on building from source..



09-11-2009 15:47:40

Alright, thanks for the update. I'll wait for the 1.7 snapshot since you'll be putting it out soon enough. I was just worried that since it states "1.8" in the patch, the official version wouldn't be out for months.