I Can't Install Py-Ogre!


06-11-2009 01:59:41

First I downloaded and installed the newest version of Python from the python website. Next I downloaded the source then extracted it's contents to C:/Python Ogre. Then I extracted the Demos files into the Python Ogre folder. Once I did all this I double clicked on install.py in the Python Ogre folder and all that happend was a DOS screen flashed on then off to fast to even read and thats it! :x How can I install it?


06-11-2009 14:05:40

Download the latest snapshot and extract it somewhere (c:\pythonogre)
Download and extract the demos into the same directory (so you end up with c:\pythonogre\demos)

From that directory (at the DOS prompt) run python setup.py install
Change into the demos\ogre directory and run a demo
python Demo_Smoke.py