Can't compile Python-Ogre on linux


08-11-2009 11:32:45

Since I'm a big Python fan nowadays, I wanted to try use it with OGRE too.
I followed these instructions ... troduction, and everything went fine till I tried to compile Python-Ogre.

There, I recieve this error (aside from some deprecation warnings):
generated/ogre_1.6.1/AutoParamDataSource.pypp.cpp:317: error: conflicting return type specified for ‘virtual int AutoParamDataSource_wrapper::getLightCastsShadows(size_t) const’
/home/mononofu/dev/root/usr/include/OGRE/OgreAutoParamDataSource.h:171: error: overriding ‘virtual float Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightCastsShadows(size_t) const’
scons: *** [build_dir_2.6/ogre_1.6.1/AutoParamDataSource.pypp.os] Error 1

I don't really know how I can fix this problem, since it's supposed to automatically create these files, isn't it?

Any ideas / experience how I can fix this?


14-11-2009 09:50:19

Once generated, the script won't generate again, so just modify the source and make it conform to the OGRE API.


14-11-2009 10:26:06

Thanks, seems to work so far, but now I've run into another error, this time really strange:

generated/ogre_1.6.1/GpuProgramParameters.pypp.cpp: In function ‘void register_GpuProgramParameters_class()’:
generated/ogre_1.6.1/GpuProgramParameters.pypp.cpp:577: error: address of overloaded function with no contextual type information

Except that this part of the code is exactly like the one above and below, aside from using Matrix4 instead of Vector3.


14-11-2009 11:08:45

You might want to refresh from the SVN and try again as it's been recently updated to build Ogre 1.6.4 "well"




15-11-2009 11:07:26

Hey, thanks, it seems to work now - I still had some problem with CEGUI headers, but fixed that using the Ubuntu version of CEGUI.
After adapting the paths in plugins.cfg.posix and the demo itself to my system, everything works now!

The build process is really easy now, I just had to follow the wiki.