1.6.4 stable?


10-12-2009 18:46:54

I actually work with Python-Ogre 1.6.4 under Windows, and I need to port my application under Linux. I try either the 1.6.1 stable and the current unstable (both from SVN), but in both cases I can't build it (I fail in step 5 of build instructions).

I would build the stable release, but the 1.6.1 version doesn't work with my GCC (I'm under Ubuntu 9.10), and I need the 1.6.4 (as in Windows) because I use some Python 2.6 features.

Anyway, is it planned a 1.6.4 stable release in SVN, as it is already done for 1.6.1?



11-12-2009 12:14:24

As far as I'm concerned the current svn trunk is the place to build from -- I've recently built it on Ubuntu with 1.6.4 so it would help if you can post the issues you are having on the google mailing list and we'll help you out..



12-12-2009 09:10:49

Thank you very much, I move there.