PixelBox.getData method missing in 1.6.4?


04-01-2010 22:08:41

I upgraded to 1.6.4 today from the latest snapshot. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or if there is a patch out there, but the PixelBox getData() method seems to be missing. Any help to point me in the write direction would be really appreciated.

I am trying to copy the data from a pixel box to an opencv image (using ctypes_opencv) in order to stream it to another program for simulation.

If anyone has time and has 1.6.4 on there machine could you see if you can see the PixelBox getData method. I'd just like to know if its specific to my installation or not.



05-01-2010 16:28:38

I gave up on trying to get the elusive PixelBox.getData function to make an appearance. I ended up taking a tip from http://wiki.python-ogre.org/index.php/C ... c_Textures and used ctypes.memmove to copy the data from the texture buffer to my ctypes_opencv IplImage buffer

I would still be curious if PixelBox.getData is going to be supported in the future.



06-01-2010 13:20:01

Along the way this functionality was "improved" and the data variable is now a python property.

You should be able to simply reference pb.data