Python Ogre Tutorials - Landscape rendering hardware problem


15-01-2010 11:03:27


I just learned the Python basics and am now delving into your (well-made!) Tutorials.

Here, when the Terrain Scene Manager is introduced, everything works fine. But:

As soon as I render the scene, I get a strange high pitched noise out of my computer. I suppose its the graphics card, but
I'm not sure.

I render the tutorial-terrain with direct3d, fullscreen, 800x600 32bit, no anti-aliasing, floating point mode: fastest, no vsync, no nvperfHUD (whatever that means), farclippingdistance 500.

I have an ATI Radeon 4870. When I set the fan to 50 percent, the sound appears to stop, so it could very well be overheating. All I wanted to ask is, if this is normal for terrain rendering and
I'm just being a wuss, or is there a more graphic-card-friendly way to do it?

Thanks for any help,
great tutorials, cool engine!


17-01-2010 00:31:13

I think this is not depending on what you render, but how fast the card renders.
The noise is coming out of my gfx too, but only at high framerates. i have a gtx 295.
this high noise is very annoying, try to enable vsync and check if it is gone. -
i noticed this problem for years, but i think most of the people don't even hear it
because of the high frequency.