Please Help Me with installation of Python-Ogre


01-02-2010 02:50:23


I have been using this tutorial to build python-ogre( .

I have downloaded all of the programs that it has told me to. I am running Vista 64-bit.

I am having a little trouble on step 2, I can't run the command because it trys to recognise the vsvar32.bat in the program files folder instead of the program file (x86) folder.
How can I get it to change it in the command box?

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.



06-02-2010 11:49:34

Not sure I'm understanding your question correctly since I don't have a 64bit machine, but maybe:

.. %PROGRAMFILES(X86)% and it returns "C:\Program Files (x86)" .. ... 47149.html ...

set MSVS_PATH="%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0"

or from command prompt something like:

You could also try running from the Visual Studio Command 2008 command prompt, should set-up the correct paths etc.


08-02-2010 02:58:34

Hey Thanks for responding heres the problem.

I imput -
cd c:\development
python python-ogre\ -r cmake gccxml boost scons pygccxml pyplusplus

into the command prompt and it says-
C:\Users\Kilian>cd c:\development


c:\development>"c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 9.0\common7\tools\vsvar
The system cannot find the path specified.

You see in my C drive I have two main folders for program files- C\Program Files and C\Program files (x86)

Microsoft visual studio 9.0 is installed in the C\Program Files (x86) but I guess the command prompt is trying to find it in the C\Program File folder.

c:\development>python python-ogre\ -r cmake gccxml boost scons pyg
ccxml pyplusplus

I am using the path-
@echo off
set GNUWIN32_PATH="C:\gnuwin32\bin"
set MSVS_PATH="C:\Program Filesx86\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0"
set PYTHON_PATH="C:\python25"
set SVN_PATH="C:\Program Filesx86\SlikSvn\bin"
set CVS_PATH="C:\Program Filesx86\cvs"

call %GNUWIN32_PATH%\set_gnuwin32.bat -s gnuwin32 -l EN
call %MSVS_PATH%\Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat
cmd /K "echo Python-Ogre Build Environment"

I am not sure if I am even doing anything write because I am a newbie to this. I don't even know if you need ogre installed or if you need a python interpreter.

Thanks for the help though.



08-02-2010 05:46:36

Is there not a 64-bit equivalent of vsvars32 such as vsvars64?

Also I would check on the developers group to see if anyone has done a 64-bit windows. I don't think they have so you may have quite a bit of work to do. ... developers


08-02-2010 19:45:25

ing me the 32 bit version of Python-ogre wont work on a 64-bit machine?


09-02-2010 13:52:29

ing me the 32 bit version of Python-ogre wont work on a 64-bit machine?

Sorry I wouldn't know if a 32 bit version would work on a 64bit machine. You should post your question on the developers group: ... a7521e761a

For your problem with c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 9.0\common7\tools\vsvars32.bat not existing for a 32bit build you should check the msdn support/forums or ask in the developers group.