need Tools for game making


02-03-2010 09:07:46

i have made a prototye game in the BGE, and because of it not having much power, would want to port it into ogre using Python wrappers
as i know only pyhton and minimal c++
and i really dont want to be dissapointed,
I need a set of open source or free toold to work with python ogre,

A WSIWYG editor
A Game Framework (or a game engine to be integrated into Python Ogre)
(Not fully required) an AI framework like Saga engine
A way to Bind Scythe Physics editor to Python Ogre

i have checked the forums and found out some good world editors and all the things i wnat except a game logic framework
now i would want to know if they would be able to bind with python ogre and how
like ogitor,