New release out, release schedule


24-10-2005 07:07:56

PyOgre 1.0.5-0 is now out. You can find the release here: ... up_id=3464

The tag for this release is: tags/release-

I plan on having a regular bi-weekly release date release date on the first and third saturday of every month for maintenance releases. Major releases (for new versions of Ogre) will occur whenever a new release is out, and after we have had time to wrap the new library features.



24-10-2005 08:42:05

Sweet. Great job!


24-10-2005 16:39:51

Yesterday we tried compiling CEGUI for OGRE, but we didn't manage to compile OGRE with it. Could you put up an PyCEGUI version on BerliOS too, or does it need more work?


24-10-2005 22:47:45

The OgreGUI renderer needs to be compiled with CEGUI 0.4.0. Basically you should:

  1. Compile CEGUI with RTTI support.[/*:m]
  2. Replace [ogre]/dependencies/cegui with the cegui headers and libraries you just compiled.[/*:m]
  3. Compile Ogre with RTTI support.[/*:m]
  4. Compile PyOgre/PyCEGUI with the newly built OGRE/CEGUI.[/*:m][/list:o]

    I won't release CEGUI for a little while. If all goes well I should release it this weekend (29th), but it may be the weekend after that if I find more problems. I have marked the "blocking" bugs on the bug tracker as priority 9. After those bugs are closed (and I have not found any other major CEGUI bugs) then I will release it.

    You should note that one of the things on that list is updating attributes for a large portion of PyCEGUI. So until after I close that bug, you should be wary of doing anything too advanced with CEGUI. If you are using layouts you create in XML and simply using CEGUI to drive it, then you should be ok.


26-10-2005 21:27:58

Thank you very much !!



27-10-2005 00:00:15

Yes, thank you clay and anyone else that's working on getting cegui to work in python, and pyogre in general.


27-10-2005 00:30:28

We are very very close to a CEGUI for pyogre/pyopengl. Mostly thanks to dermont's contributions. =)