3D Modeling

Kris Schnee

18-05-2006 10:01:13

I'm still thinking about the proper form for my project. The main thing that holds me back from doing 3D, as opposed to the 2D scrolling tile engine I've got going now in Pygame, is the difficulty of doing the art. Creating a sprite-based character is tough enough, but it'd take a lot of time and effort away from other aspects of my project if I had to not only draw a character, but do it in 3D and add skeletal rigging and animation. Is there a relatively easy way to do character design for Ogre? For instance, how about drawing a sprite character and then using "billboarding" to display it in the 3D world? (How would I do that?)

A related issue is the world's size. I notice that in the tutorials the landscape is fairly small, while in my Pygame engine I automatically create new "zones" alongside existing ones, as in "Morrowind," so that the world size is effectively limitless. Is there an equivalent way to do that here?