Why is hikari excluded?


29-03-2010 20:46:59

Why is hikari excluded? I don't think you excluded it because it's 'duplicate'...did you? Because hikari's not like other GUI libs it's for embedding flash you know..

If I follow PythonOgre wiki's compiling tutorial can I build 1.7RC1? Or it will automatically download only 1.6.4?


01-04-2010 05:57:47

If you are using it then I'm OK putting it back in for the next binary release as it's not a big issue to support, just trying to put a limit somewhere, and it doesn't look like it's under active development so if there are issues will need you to investigate to solve..

Do you know if it still windows only??



01-04-2010 12:00:23

Yep it's still for windows only... no new message from developer yet.

It's not in development because developer's developing something else which will work on linux/mac too..

But so far, I've had no problem using hikari 0.3 with PythonOgre except it's *laggy* with low framerate when you are dragging something, due to the fact that flash's update rate doesn't match game's update rate..

Thanks for the reply!