'Task Failed' on building additional modules


30-03-2010 04:41:53

When retrieving the modules with this command:

python python-ogre/BuildModule.py -r ode ogreode newton ogrenewt ogreal bullet

It can't find:
http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/ ... 72.tar.bz2

I'm not sure how to update these broken links. Also, a lot of the additional modules that I was able to retrieve were old versions. Would it be possible to download the newer version, generate the wrapper code, and then compile the wrapper code to make the python module?



31-03-2010 17:32:59

I found that the links were inside environment.py. I'm going to update each link so that it points to the newest version instead of the old links already in file, unless it's recommended to use the older versions?