build system tries to use python 2.5.1


22-04-2010 17:48:46

Earlier I was having trouble with the python-ogre build system running a version of python that had a different unicode character size than the version of python that ordinarily runs from the command line. Both copies had sys.executable=/usr/local/bin/python. I later found out that the command line copy was python 2.5.5, which I built from source myself, and the copy used by python-ogre was 2.5.1, which the IT people had installed without my knowledge. I don't know how both appeared as having the same file path. Maybe it is something to do with the fake root system used by the build?

The bigger problem is that I uninstalled python 2.5.1 and started the whole python-ogre build process over from scratch (new svn checkout and everything). It tries to run python 2.5.1 for everything and gets these errors:
python: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

so it's still trying to use 2.5.1, even though it doesn't exist. How can I make it wake up and use 2.5.5?