Python-Ogre 1.7.1 Available


15-05-2010 22:51:57

Python-Ogre 1.7.1 is available -- built against the Ogre 1.7.1 SDK and the latest module libraries - files for download are available here

If you find any bugs/issues please add them to the [b]SourceForge Tracker [/b].

I have changed the packaging for this release by splitting out most of the modules (and their specific demos/media) into separate packages. As a minimum you will need:
  1. Python-Ogre Core
    The Ogre SDK media
    I'm assuming you have Python 2.6 and 7-Zip installed !!

    Basic process is:
    1. Create yourself a suitable Python-Ogre directory[/*]
    2. Download the packages you want (media and ogre as a minimum)[/*]
    3. Extract the packages into the Python-Ogre directory[/*]
    4. Run python install[/*]
    5. Update your DirectX drivers by running ./tools/dxwebsetup[/*]
      Available Packages
      With the new 'packaging' some of the downloads include a single Python module (plus demos if available and specific media) with a couple of them are bundles.
      1. Ogre: the primary package - it includes support for Ogre 1.7.1, OIS (keyboard/mouse/joystick handling), CEGUI (have to have a user interface) and OgreOggSound. As part of Ogre 1.7.1 you also get support for the latest Ogre components including Terrain, Paging, RTShaderSystem, PCZ (Portal scene manager) and the SDK Sample Environment (the new light user interface)[/*]
      2. Bullet Physics:Complete (nearly) support for the base Bullet Physics library as well as simpler interface into Ogre with OgreBullet (Collisions and Dynamics)[/*]


06-11-2010 23:08:35

Cant see Plib in there anywhere...


23-04-2011 07:07:50

Thank you very much indeed!