Unable to RayQuery against meshs loaded from .mesh


28-07-2010 20:34:28

My title mostly summarizes my problem: RayQueries that should intersect with objects in my scene just.... don't.

# Setup a mesh object.
ent = self.sceneManager.createEntity('Ninja', 'mycube.mesh')
print ent.getMesh().getBounds().getMaximum()
ent.castShadows = True

# Setup a ground plane.
plane = ogre.Plane ((0, 1, 0), 0)
meshManager.createPlane ('Ground', 'General', plane,
1500, 1500, 20, 20, True, 1, 5, 5, (0, 0, 1))
ent = self.sceneManager.createEntity('GroundEntity', 'Ground')
self.sceneManager.getRootSceneNode().createChildSceneNode ('GroundEntity').attachObject (ent)
ent.setMaterialName ('Examples/Rockwall')
ent.castShadows = False

Ray Queries that should intersect with the first return nothing, whereas ray queries that intersect the second behave as expected. At first I though maybe the bounding box was wrong, or something like that, but showing it and manually printing its coordinates seems to confirm that it exists. I should say as well that I can't get any other .mesh file to work properly in place of ninja.mesh, I've tried most of the other demo mesh's, as well as a basic cube I created and exported from 3dsMax. Just for reference, in case I've done something wrong in the query, the code that actually does that bit follows:

# Execute query
result = self.raySceneQuery.execute()
print str(self.sceneManager.getEntity('Ninja').getWorldBoundingBox().getMaximum())
print str(mouseRay.intersects(self.sceneManager.getEntity('Ninja').getWorldBoundingBox()).first)
print "Query Length: "+str(len(result))
if len(result) > 0:
for item in result:
print item
item = result[0]
print "HEY!" + str(self.raySceneQuery.getRay().getPoint(item.distance))+str(item.movable.name)
self.currentObject = item.movable

Any help at all that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I've been beating my head against the wall trying to make what seems like it should be a reasonably simple thing work for a good 10 or 12 hours now. I figure there's probably something I just don't know here, so if anyone does, please tell me.