Python-Ogre for in-game scripting


25-08-2010 22:27:16

Hi all

I am currently considering a few scripting options (Lua, angelscript, Squirrel, Python etc) to be used within my app.

I mainly want to code in c++ but use a scripting language (like Python) to be used at runtime. I mainly want to do this:
- execute script commands from an in-game console (including loading and running predefined scripts)
- extend the bindings to include my own c++ code

Python-Ogre is very tempting as there is a great deal of work (the bindings to Ogre, etc) is already done.

I am not sure, though, if it is geared towards what I want/need. I definitely do not want to use Python as a wrapper, just for in-game scripting.

Is that possible, e.g. is Python-Ogre suited for this kind of use?

Thanks & cheers,


10-09-2010 14:02:47

You can incorporate the python interpreter in your C++ code and then execute any python code including the python-ogre wrapper code..

This gives you complete Python scripting etc which may or may not be what you want (it may be an overkill -- however if you want complete 'Ogre' access from your scripting language then this is the way to go)