Hydrax. Very basic help needed


12-10-2010 22:39:43


So I decided to try out the hydrax module, downloaded installed and the demo works fine. Wanting to implement it in a game of mine i stripped everything down as much as I could trying to get the most basic water to work... this is. it doesnt't.

The problem is that it renders a plane of a kind with a water texture and some movement, but when the camera turns towards it it flickers black and dissapears. (Namely it dissapears whenever the angle of the cameara is below the horison?)

Now the code i'm using to initiate Hydrax is basicly:

sceneManager = self.app.sceneManager
camera = self.app.camera
self.app.hydrax = Hydrax.Hydrax(sceneManager, camera, self.app.renderWindow.getViewport(0))
self.app.options = Hydrax.Perlin.Options(8, 0.085, 0.49, 1.4, 1.27)
self.app.modoptions = Hydrax.ProjectedGrid.Options(64,0.0,0.0,True )
self.app.Module = Hydrax.TestCreateModule ( self.app.hydrax )

And from a FrameListener I have defined for input and such, I run self.app.hydrax.update(x) to update it...
Now what am I missing to make this very simple water run? The output from running it seems a bit suspect, namely this part:

[Hydrax] Depth material created.
[Hydrax] Creating underwater material...
Error loading texture HydraxDepthReflectionMap. Texture layer will be blank. Loading the texture failed with the following exception: OGRE EXCEPTION(6:FileNotFoundException): Cannot locate resource HydraxDepthReflectionMap in resource group Hydrax or any other group. in ResourceGroupManager::openResource at ..\..\..\..\OgreMain\src\OgreResourceGroupManager.cpp (line 753)
Texture: UnderwaterDistortion.jpg: Loading 1 faces(PF_R8G8B8,256x256x1) with hardware generated mipmaps from Image. Internal format is PF_X8R8G8B8,256x256x1.
[Hydrax] Underwater material created.
[Hydrax] Materials created.
[Hydrax] Creating god rays...
[Hydrax] Perlin destroyed.
[Hydrax] God rays created.
[Hydrax] Creating water mesh...
[Hydrax] Water mesh created.