[SOLVED]Basic Tutorial 01: nothing happens. What's missing?


14-11-2010 18:39:16

Thank you for all your work on Ogre and Python-Ogre. This looks very appealing.

I am not at all new to computers or programming, but I am new to Python and Ogre.
I am using Windows XP SP3. I have installed Python 2.6 and Python-Ogre 1.7.
Most of the demos work (e.g. Demo_Bezier.py & Demo_Fresnel.py).

So now I'm ready to learn. I followed "SettingUpAnApplication", then began Basic Tutorial 01. Carefully typed the code exactly as shown, then tried to run it. Whether from IDLE or command line, the same thing always happens: nothing. No log, no errors, no complaints. Just a new command line.

What is missing please? Something in my code, or in my understanding of what I am supposed to expect? Do I need to add a camera and viewport from the later tutorial before anything happens?

Thank you.


15-11-2010 04:17:50

For the benefit of other newbies:

Just discovered it by testing and comparing against Demo_Bezier.py. I forgot the "()" at the end of "ta.go" (needs to be "ta.go()").