wiki modified [???]


01-12-2010 12:16:34

Cant handle the truth ? or what ? why did you guys deleted my last thread about the wiki ...

The wiki is a joke hasn't been modified since last year ... and yeah thats the truth ... I havent seen someone doing this on the forums since a really long time ... you guys to busy deleting the post you dont like on forum that maintaining the wiki with new articles ... thats just sad and python-ogre was so ...


01-12-2010 23:10:40

Let me be very clear -- your previous version of this post was deleted because I believed it to be offensive and of little value to the community..

This is an open source project managed maintained by volunteers and if you wish to be friendly and polite then please jump in and assist.

If you are looking for a simpler, more 'packaged' option then perhaps Panda3D would be a great place to start..