[solved] ogreAL problem (really: twisted problem)


30-12-2010 18:04:52


For some reason, whenever i remove
self.sounds = OgreAL.SoundManager()
from my application, twisted (networking) instantly fails to connect, no reason given.

I have no clue why this happens, nor do i think anyone else does, but as i just now upgraded to pythonogre 1.7, i cannot figure out how to install ogreAL again
import fails due to _ogreal_ missing from the folder (along with the .dll), the module from pythonogre 1.6x (probably obviously) doesn't work, and while wrapping it directly from the c++ version might be possible, it shouldn't be required, or is it? After all in the release notes of pythonogre ogreAL is listed as included.

maybe im just overlooking something obvious but after hours and hours of trying to fix the issue im at my wit's end.

I'd appreciate any help :?

EDIT: Problem has been solved in the meantime, reason was Twisted not liking Floating-point mode 'Fastest', needs to be set to 'Consistent' in ogre.cfg or everything gets screwed up.