Documentation generation


06-01-2011 15:38:45

Hi everyone,
I am trying to generate pyogre documentation with doxygen, but i don t find folders that are needed to generate the documentation.
i guess it is the one generated in python/lib/site-package, but i only have a directory ogre in it.
i tried to generate documentation from this folder, it only generated exceptions classes documents
However, i tried pyogre demos, they work !
if you can help me or send me a link to a generated documentation , or a link to download it i ll be happy.
thank you


06-01-2011 16:48:25



06-01-2011 17:56:38

Hum, it is the C++ documentation...
i guess methods are the same in pyOgre, but i'd like to know witch modules import for exemple when i want to use Vector3 class.

Thank you !


06-01-2011 19:08:09

i dont really know what you want to know but the vector3 class belongs to the ogre module, and besides that i can assure you that every function in c (as long as ive been playing around with it) is the same in python


07-01-2011 12:56:45

ok sir, thank you!