python-ogre on FreeBSD


08-01-2011 22:47:57

So I haven't actually installed, used, or read much about FreeBSD yet, although I would kind of like to get into it. More than FreeBSD, I've been wanting to start working on a fairly simple 3D engine to get my feet wet in some programming, but I wonder, if I do end up installing FreeBSD, I'm pretty sure python works on BSD, but I haven't read anything about python-ogre working on BSD. I know for certain that OGRE does (I found a port in the FreeBSD port archives) but I've been unable to obtain any certain information as far as python-ogre working with BSD.

Is there any light on this subject? Is it possible to port it myself (would it be as easy as just recompiling it with some extra options or would I have to rewrite some of the source code) or is there a team working on it?

Your response is appreciated,
-- Vi3


14-03-2011 05:03:47

Only Linux testing I've done is on Ubuntu (which is currently in good shape) -- you can certainly try using the installation instructions from the wiki as I would expect it should work OK