I have a problem ..


20-02-2011 13:03:31


I just downloaded Python-Ogre, I also started the installation of setup.py, but the demo does not start .. not in cmd.exe I get no errors, everything is going smoothly but the demo quits unexpectedly.


Python 2.7.1
Windows Vista


(I apologize for my English is not my native language)


here is the error that tells me the python:

File "\ Desktop \ ogre \ demos \ samples \ Sample_Terrain.py", line 690, in <module>
con.go (s)

OgreInternalErrorException: OGRE EXCEPTION (7: InternalErrorException): .. / media / packs / SdkTrays.zip - error whilst opening archive: Unable to read zip file. in ZipArchive: checkZzipError at. \ src \ OgreZip.cpp (line 280)